Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Green Paint & Powder Coat Stripper Technology

MILES Chemical Solutions has introduced an Eco-Friendly Green Paint Stripping Solution formulated to remove cured paint and powder coating from Finishing line hooks, racks and fixtures as well as stripping paint rework parts to recyle and offer finisher's a second chance, to attain first pass 0-defect quality.


Ships as a concentrate and reduces with water by 50%, cost effective.
Removes Powder Coating by lifting film from substrate allowing easy removal by filtration, providing for long bath life.
Works well on carbon steel, stainless, aluminum, zinc and magnesium substrates.
Non-HAP (No Hazardous Air Pollutants), Environmentally Friendly Economical Only $24.85/Gallon in Drums, < $12.50/Gallon (Operating Cost)!
Recycle Rework Powder Coating to reach zero defects coating quality, in order to give your company a maximum advantage in today’s competitive economy.

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